mac Curdy brothers


04/05/2024 - 05/05/2024    


Zaal De Mooie Molen
meenseheirweg 39, Roeselare, 8800

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Op Zaterdag 04 Mei, hebben we dit fantastisch brits duo te gast. Ze brengen een mix van dynamische blues, rockabilly, psychobilly en garagepunk.
Ingang is 10€ add en 8 € vvk.
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The McCurdy Brothers are an East Anglian two-piece combo who began busking on the streets of Norwich in 2018. Their debut six-track CD Moonshine Medicine Men was almost entirely “fuelled by gin and whiskey” and its 2021 follow-up, Moonshine Martian Men, contained even more clout. With a new album, Moonshine Maverick Men, out this Spring – drummer Adam ‘Sticks’ McCurdy and guitarist/vocalist Jerry-Lee McCurdy took time out to ponder over their fairly rapid rise on the rockin’ scene and discuss some of the ingredients which feature in the rich gumbo that is The McCurdy Brothers’ sound.

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